Security Reference Guide > Handheld War-driving

April 30, 2006


Security Reference Guide > Handheld War-driving: "This article will take a look at handheld devices and the tools/equipment that are available for the war-driver on the go. As you will see, there are some facets of PDA based war-driving that have no equal in the PC world (for the price)."

How to Get Vista Back on Track: Open Source It


How to Get Vista Back on Track: Open Source It: "Opinion: Seriously. It's clear that Microsoft can't do the job right, so why not embrace the enemy and be done with it? "

Theoretical Hacking for IT Managers | Linux Journal


Theoretical Hacking for IT Managers | Linux Journal: "Not everyone has 'l33t skilz' or mass amounts of hardened TCP/IP stack programming experience. When I'm at work, I don't look at logs all day long, nor do I run security audits every five minutes. I do my job, which takes all of my time. This is the situation for most small to medium sized companies that have only a few IT guys. So how does an everyday IT guy handle the constant threat of impending attack?"

Beyond Rootkits: World's First Standalone Kernel Mode Bot?

April 07, 2006


Beyond Rootkits: World's First Standalone Kernel Mode Bot?: "A European student has just developed a Proof of Concept for what the developer believes is the world's first kernel mode IRCbot.

The creator, Tibbar ('Rabbit' spelled backwards), says the difference between this innovation and standard Windows rootkits lies in its crossover ability. Most Windows-based rootkits hide in device drivers, then depend on outside, usermode applications to get anything done."

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2

April 04, 2006


Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2: "Discover the most cost-effective server virtualization technology engineered for the Windows Server System platform, now available as a free download. A key part of any server consolidation strategy, Virtual Server increases hardware utilization and enables organizations to rapidly configure and deploy new servers."