A Quick and Dirty Intro to Nessus (Hacking Illustrated Series)

May 25, 2005


A Quick and Dirty Intro to Nessus (Hacking Illustrated Series) - Nice swf movie to walk you through using Nessus from the Auditor boot CD. There are also more great videos and a nice resource under thier General Network Security section. Be sure to use thier RSS Feed.

Trojan attack takes files hostage


SecurityFocus HOME News: Trojan attack takes files hostage: "The Trojan downloader (download-aag AKA Pgpcoder) exploits a well-known Internet Explorer vulnerability (MS04-023) to download hostile code onto vulnerable Windows boxes. It then searches for files with various extensions and encodes them. The original documents are deleted and the newly encoded files become unreadable. The malware also drops a message onto the system with instructions on how to buy the tool needed to decode the files, demanding payment of $200 from victims if they ever want to see their documents again. "

I'm in the wrong business. This seems to be the first of it's kind in the fact that your files are held for ransom, and I expect in the upcoming years that this type virus will become commonplace. Another reason why backups are a Good Thing. But for all of you who don't back up your files, have fun with this one.

Google Help : Cheat Sheet

May 23, 2005


Google Help : Cheat Sheet - Awesome..

Best Sites for Windows Powered Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Smartphones

May 19, 2005


Best Sites for Windows Powered Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Smartphones: Awesome resource for those who own or support handheld mobile devices.

Pa1mOne Treo 650

May 16, 2005


Although I don't own a Treo 650, I have been called upon to support these devices. Here are a few resources that I found helpful.

palmOne - Support - Treo 650 - The official support site.

palmOne - FREE Newsletters - keep up-to-date on updates.

Treo650Faq: The Treo 650 Knowledge Base. - tons upon tons of info.

palmOne - Community - Tips for Treo 650 Smartphone - A large list of tips.

Some notes I found interesting:

Access error log after crash:
Press the Phone button.
Using the on-screen dialpad or the number keys enter #*377 (#*ERR on the dialpad for error) and choose Dial.

Google It With Your Treo
A new service from Google enables you to ask questions, retrieve definitions, and much more. Using the Treo messaging program, enter a phrase, for example define pandering, and send it as a text message to 46645. Usually within a minute Google will respond with the definition. Other phrases you can use include pizza followed by a Zip Code to find the names and address of local pizza joints.

Black Tuesday - Not So Bad At All

May 10, 2005


Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-024: Vulnerability in Web View Could Allow Remote Code Execution (894320) - Important

Almost as good as no updates. Great Birthday present from MS!

How a Bookmaker and a Whiz Kid Took On an Extortionist — and Won

May 04, 2005


How a Bookmaker and a Whiz Kid Took On an Extortionist — and Won - CSO Magazine - May 2005: "Facing an online extortion threat, Mickey Richardson bet his Web-based business on a networking whiz from Sacramento who first beat back the bad guys, then helped the cops nab them. If you collect revenue online, you'd better read this."

Huge article covering Online Extortion; worth the read.

The Java Telnet Application/Applet v2.0


The Java Telnet Application/Applet v2.0: "... is a fully featured telnet implementation coupled with a very sophisticated terminal emulation for VT and ANSI terminals."