Download details: Ultrasound

March 31, 2004


Ultrasound - Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tool for File Replication service (FRS): "Ultrasound is a powerful tool to measure the health of FRS replica sets by providing health ratings and historical information about replica sets. Ultrasound also allows administrators to monitor the progress of replication and detect problems that can cause replication to become backlogged or stopped. "

nohack scanner

March 30, 2004


Freeware at - nohack scanner - Free portscanner that is insanely fast compared to other portscanners I've tried before. (My test system took only 52 seconds to do a complete tcp/udp scan). Small, no install, free..

287497 - How to Use the Inbox Repair Tools to Recover Messages

March 29, 2004


287497 - How to Use the Inbox Repair Tools to Recover Messages
From Lockergnome: The Inbox Repair Tool can be used to fix corrupt PST files and even OST files. Although the tool can be useful, it isn't always able to repair every PST file. It works by repairing the PST file's header and then deleting anything in the file that it doesn't understand. So if a PST file's header is damaged, as may be the case for corruption that occurs during a version upgrade of Office, the tool should have no trouble making the repair. But if the data within the file is corrupt, the Inbox Repair Tool will likely destroy what's left of the file. That's why it's always good to make a backup of the PST file before running the Inbox Repair Tool.

Troubleshoot the File Replication Service and the Distributed File System


272279 - How to Troubleshoot the File Replication Service and the Distributed File System
285923 - Error Messages Every 5 Minutes Report Events 1000, 1001, and 13508, Citing Replication Trouble

281271 - Windows 2000 Certification Authority Configuration to Publish Certificates in Active Directory of Trusted Domain


281271 - Windows 2000 Certification Authority Configuration to Publish Certificates in Active Directory of Trusted Domain
Certification Authority Does Not Publish Certificate Revocation List to Active Directory

Tweak Windows XP

March 24, 2004

0 comments :: Tweak Windows XP :: - The purpose of this guide is to tweak Windows XP for optimal performance, get rid of all the useless extras that Windows XP comes with, and to decrease the startup time of Windows XP.

The Witty Worm

March 22, 2004


Hack In The Box - 'Witty' Worm Wrecks Computers: "The 'Witty' worm writes random data onto the hard drives of computers equipped with the Black Ice and Real Secure Internet firewall products, causing the drives to fail and making it impossible to restart the PCs. Unlike many recent worms that arrive as e-mail attachments, it spreads automatically to vulnerable computers without any action on the part of the user. At least 50,000 computers have been infected so far..."

Looks as if M$ isn't the only one whose products are affected by these types of worms..

New Bagle worms crawl through old Microsoft hole - Computerworld


New Bagle worms crawl through old Microsoft hole - Computerworld: "Antivirus companies issued software updates and alerts about Bagle.Q, R, S and T. The new versions of the worm, which first appeared in January, don't carry file attachments containing the virus. Instead, they use a months-old Windows security hole to break into vulnerable machines.
'It's really nasty. Just previewing a message in an e-mail client could download the virus to your computer,' said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos PLC in Abingdon, U.K. "

Power Schemes

March 17, 2004


Power Schemes - Registry settings for the Windows 2000 power schemes

Windows Update Services - The New SUS


Windows Update Services - Read about the new and improved SUS.

Windows Update Services (WUS) is the new name for the next version of the update management solution currently known as Software Update Services (SUS). Windows Update Services will support updating Windows®, Office, SQL Server™, and other Microsoft products and will provide significantly expanded capabilities over SUS.

After reading the WUS data sheet I've found quite a few additions to the original SUS that I've been looking for in 3rd-party patch management tools:

1. Updates all MS products, as well as critical driver updates, non-critical updates, etc.
2. Ability to scan systems for missing patches.
3. Ability to uninstall updates, including group uninstall.
4. Target systems for update deployment.
5. Network optimization - BITS, MSI, download resumption, optimization for branch offices.
6. Status reports allow admins to easily determine update deployment status (success, failure, error, etc)
7. Allows extensive logging to SQL database.
8. Client software will auto-update itself if necessary.
9. Can be deployed in a hierachial topology (parent/child servers).
10. Encrypts communications between WUS and the Microsoft Udate download servers as well as server-server and server-client communications.
11. Uses digital signatures to verify updates are from Microsoft.
12. Easier Admin interface - new design.
13. Group policy client configuration.
14. Ability to specify which updates get deployed on specifically targeted machines.
15. Allows for command-line and script-based control.

I'm hoping to get to play with this sometime soon (hurry and release a beta Microsoft!!). WUS looks like it could kill the 3rd party solutions I was testing and all this for FREE!! It looks like it has the best features from several 3rd party products I've seen - just hope it works as well as it looks. Fuck SUS, go WUS!

Windows 2000 Performance Counters Reference


Windows 2000 Performance Counters Reference
Counters by Object

317249 - How to Troubleshoot Event ID 2021 and Event ID 2022

March 15, 2004


317249 - How to Troubleshoot Event ID 2021 and Event ID 2022
228766 - How to Change the Server Service Properties

Miranda Instant Messenger


Miranda Instant Messenger - Miranda IM is a nice little multi-protocol instant messenging client that supports AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, netsend, IRC, etc,etc. The client is extremely customizable and uses plug-ins for most of its functionality. If you use more that one IM client or need to be able to customize your apps, take a look at Miranda.

There are many reasons to use Miranda IM.
Here are a few:
~ It's smaller, starts and runs faster, uses less memory
~ It contains no advertising or spyware
~ It takes up less space on your screen
~ It has support for plugins to extend the functionality
~ It supports more IM protocols than other clients
~ It requires no installation, so it can be easily moved from computer to computer
~ It is highly customisable
~ It is open source (GPL). Only open source software can be truely free and completely trustworthy with your privacy.

Microsoft March Security Bulletins

March 09, 2004


Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-008: Vulnerability in Windows Media Services Could Allow a Denial of Service (832359) - Moderate
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-009 : - Vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook Could Allow Code Execution (828040) - Important
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-010: - Vulnerability in MSN Messenger Could Allow Information Disclosure (838512) - Moderate

Restore Files - Freeware

March 05, 2004


Restore Files - Restore files which are deleted from the recycle bin or deleted while holding down the Shift key by mistake.
Conversely, this program has another function that makes it almost impossible to restore all deleted files.
You can use it after deletion of confidential documents, embarrassing files and so on.
You don't have to install it, so it doesn't leave any garbage in the PC.
(You can also run it from a floppy disk.)

Download details: Windows 2000 Registry Repair Utility

March 04, 2004


Download details: Windows 2000 Registry Repair Utility - Registry Corruption in Windows 2000 can prevent your system from booting. The Windows 2000 Registry Repair Utility is a tool that can help to recover a Windows 2000 system from registry corruption. This utility can be downloaded on to floppy disks and then run on the system with the corrupted registry. Six floppy disks are required for downloading this utility. The utility will attempt to repair the corrupted registry and allow your machine to boot again.