Slashdot | Visual Tour of Office 2007 Beta 2

May 24, 2006


Slashdot | Visual Tour of Office 2007 Beta 2: "'Computerworld has a review and visual tour of the newest installment of Office. No more toolbars & menus; those have been replace with 'ribbons.' Of the various products in the suite, Word is the most changed. Styles are easier to invoke, but no easier to create or understand. A couple of the redeeming characteristics is the ability to save as PDF and XPS and an improved Track Changes. Bigger spreadsheets are available in Excel -- over 1 million rows and over 16,000 columns per worksheet -- and new and better visualization abilities. Lots new in Outlook including multiple calendars and direct support for RSS feeds. And the apps all work together better than before."

The RFID Hacking Underground

May 05, 2006


Wired 14.05: The RFID Hacking Underground: "They can steal your smartcard, lift your passport, jack your car, even clone the chip in your arm. And you won't feel a thing. 5 tales from the RFID-hacking underground."

The best person to hack your system is you

May 01, 2006


Computerworld > The best person to hack your system is you: "I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea of hacking yourself. After all, if you don’t hack yourself, the hackers will. So, if you’re a good security administrator, you must learn about the various hacking tools that might be used against your environment, become familiar with them, and use them. "