Ultr@VNC - Forgotten Password Hint

December 15, 2004


I use Ultr@VNC to remotely manage a large number of machines. The other day, after putting one of the machines on the domain, Ultr@VNC would no longer accept my password (no, caps lock was not the issue). This was unfortunate since the machine is over 1000 miles away, was lacking the needed configuration changes to be operational, and there was no way the employees on site would be able to help me.

The solution? Remote registry editing. Since the machine was now on the domain, I opened regedit on my domain controller. From there, I connected to the problem machine's registry and navigated to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\ORL\WINVNC3\default. There is a string called "Password" with a Reg_Binary value. I opened this string on a properly configured machine and just typed that machine's value into the problem machine's password string. I restarted the WinVNC service using the "Computer Management" program and was able to connect using my correct password.

Another hint is that you can export this key to easily set up multiple installations of Ultr@VNC, or to quickly make changes to already deployed installs. Here's the link to the Registry values for Ultr@VNC server.

Black Tuesday - Not so bad...

December 14, 2004


Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-045 - Vulnerability in WINS Could Allow Remote Code Execution (870763) - Important - Remote Code Execution

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-044 - Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel and LSASS Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (885835) - Important

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-043 - Vulnerability in HyperTerminal Could Allow Code Execution (873339) - Important

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-042 - Vulnerability in DHCP Could Allow Remote Code Execution and Denial of Service (885249) - Important

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-041
- Vulnerability in WordPad Could Allow Code Execution (885836) - Important

Resources for Managers/Supervisors/Team Leads

December 04, 2004


Sooner or later, in your IT career, you'll be called apon to perform in some sort of 'management' position, whether it be as a Manager, Supervisor, or project/team lead. Here are some helpful resources to help with your transition:

The Two Most Important Management Secrets: The Pygmalion and Galatea Effects
- The Pygmalion effect (expectations) and the Galatea effect (self-expectations) are useful concepts for leaders to understand.

Top 7 Leadership Guidelines For New Supervisors

Navigator newsletter - a free bi-monthy management newsletter.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-040

December 01, 2004


Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-040: "Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-040" - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (889293) - Critical

Straying away from it's Black Tuesday policy, Microsoft has decided that this remote code execution vulnerability in Internet Explorer was serious enough to release a patch immediately. Windows XP SP 2 and versions previous to IE 6.x are not affected. Also not affected: Firefox, which I still fully endorse as the alternative to IE.