RSS newsfeeds

September 25, 2003


Attention Info Addicts: RSS is a great thing. It stands for many things, but in my world, RSS stands for only one: bringing information to my desktop. It's like having a program that continually hits news websites for new headlines, security sites for new advisories, blogs for new postings, etc, and placing all of the new information into one simple program, ready of you to digest. Personally I get the latest advisories, news, tech news, tech blogs, and even info on hockey all in one place - reducing the need to hit 20 or 30 websites every 30 minutes to stay on top of the game. Here's a few links you'll need to get started:

Recommended Reader:

Wildgrape NewsDesk - this free program is fast and easy. The only gripe I have about it is that all of a sudden it seems to want to crash on my work pc (probably a .Net issue). Other than that, it runs great on my home box and lets me quickly stay informed.

Where to look for RSS feeds:

djeaux :: RSS newsfeeds - Has a short listing of Security-related newsfeeds.

NewsIsFree - an insane database full of news feeds for many different subjects.

Blogstreet - Lists blogs with RSS feeds.

A helpful article:

Blogs: Another Tool in the Security Pro's Toolkit