Admin Links

October 03, 2003


Well, I decided to throw together a quick list of links that I find valuable in the world of SysAdminHell. (Note: They are in no particular order, so the links at the bottom of the list are just as important as the ones at the top).

EventID.Net - The resource for Event Log information. Just input the event id and source into the search feature for tons of valuable information.

TechNet Online - Microsoft's resource for all things IT. A very valuable resource.

JSI, INC. - A massive collection of FAQs/Tips/Solutions for almost any topic you may need information on. - Search for drivers for any piece of hardware you may encounter. Membership is required, but it is quick and free (and everyone gets the same login user/pass). A must visit site anytime you are without a driver.

Windows NT/2000 FAQ - A large collection of Windows FAQs, all nice and searchable.

Windows 2000 Resource Center at - A beautiful resource, loads of how-tos, tutorials, articles, downloads - everything you might need to be a good admin.

NETSYS.COM - Find the latest news and articles as well as tons of archived info on the site that claims to be "The Intelligent Hacker's Choice!".

TechTutorials: Free Computer, Programming, Networking and Application Tutorials - A nice (FREE!) collection of IT tutorials ranging from Windows to Unix, Hardware to Programming, even sections on OS2 and DOS!

Ars Technica - Ars Technica is "The PC Enthusiast's Resource" (I visit this site at least 3-4 times a week just to read the news and commentary).

Top 75 Network Security Tools - A list of the best network security tools around - brought to you by the creator of nmap, Fydor.

Help Net Security - A great resource of security news, advisories, downloads, and articles.

.:[packet storm]:. - An extremely large and current security resource.

SecurityFocus - This site is an excellent resource when it comes to vulnerabilty advisories, newsletters, mailing lists, news, tools, etc. Seriously. Excellent.

The UltraTech® Knowledgebase Viewer - A collection of KB's based off the NTSysAdmin Mailing List (the best NTSysAdmin list around) - Tons of information, resources, links, etc (it's hard to not get side-tracked by all of the interesting information on this site).

Pacs-Portal Startups List - Find anything that may be in your computer's startup list (msconfig) here - a great resource if the site is up.

Google - This is a given, the ONLY search engine around in my world.

Symantec - A great virus database, great virus removal tools = a great resource when you have a virus problem.