Playstation 2 Parental Control Bypass

December 28, 2003


Ok, ok, so this has NOTHING to do with Sysadmin issues.. but this is cool anyways. I got this PS2 for my birthday last summer from a pawn shop. My dvd player crapped out this month so I've decided to use the ps2 instead of buying a new one. What's this? Parental lock code? Now I can't watch all of those R-rated movies I've invested so much in. If you ever run into this problem, put in the dvd, reboot the ps2, and at the parental lock password screen press the select button and type in the code 7444 (this is the master code). Now enter your own code. Once the dvd starts, press the select button and choose setup. Press right to go to the "region" menu and change "level" to off. Parental lock bypassed.

Linux for PS2 - for those of you who just need a little more to the sysadmin side, this site helps you run linux on the ps2.