U.S. Steers Consumers Away From IE

July 02, 2004


Yahoo! News - U.S. Steers Consumers Away From IE: "The Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team touched off a storm this week when it recommended for security reasons using browsers other than Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer.

The Microsoft browser, the government warned, cannot protect against vulnerabilities in its Internet Information Services (IIS) 5 server programs, which a team of hackers allegedly based in Russia has exploited with a Java script that is appended to Web sites. "

Note: Microsoft has claimed that those folks using XP SP2 are not affected by this issue. I really do recommend installing the service pack, even if it's still in beta. I've been using it both at home and work since it came out, and RC1 before that without any issues. I have noticed no slowdowns, broken apps, etc. It's like if Microsoft did something right!