The Google Desktop

October 14, 2004


O'Reilly Network: Google Your Desktop: "The Google Desktop is your own private little Google server. It sits in the background, slogging through your files and folders; indexing your incoming and outgoing email messages, listening in on your instant messenger chats, and browsing the Web right along with you. Just about anything you see and summarily forget, the Google Desktop sees and memorizes for you."

This is a great little article detailing the ins and outs of the new Google Desktop. I'm seriously considering using this. Here's an overview of features:
Real-time operation (in the background)
Indexes files, AIM chats, Outlook (and Express), Text files, MS Office files, and web cache
Indexes any other files by filename
Uses the Google syntax
Can also search the web (without giving up privacy)

The current Microsoft supplied search is a joke. It's slow, only searches files, and doesn't find anything. Mac users have plenty of ammo against windows in this arena, especially with the new Spotlight technology in the works. Google is quickly expanding it's reach; rumors of a Google browser are all over the Internet. Next: the Google OS.