New Netscape browser supports Internet Explorer

November 30, 2004


New Netscape browser supports Internet Explorer - Computerworld: "While current Firefox users can switch to IE when they have a problem with a Web site, AOL's Netscape unit found a different solution. If a Web site doesn't display well in the standard Firefox-based configuration in Netscape, it takes two clicks to display the page using the IE engine. The browser stores engine preferences for each Web site."

WOW!! It supports IE?!?! This is really some major improvements! In case you don't know me that well, the two previous statements are my form of sarcasm. This is nothing more than an extension that has been previously avaliable for Firefox users called IE View that I reported about in a blog posting on October 10, 2004: "FireFox Extensions worth installing". Always beware the market-hype machine!!