Symantec Antivirus May Execute Virus Code

February 10, 2005


Slashdot | Symantec Antivirus May Execute Virus Code

Symantec flaw leaves opening for viruses: ZDNet Australia: News: Security - "Symantec has issued a patch for a flaw in its scanning software that could cause a virus to run, rather than catch it."

"Symantec is distributing patches to its customers through its LiveUpdate automatic update service and other mechanisms. It warned companies that do not use those services to download the patches from its Web site and apply them as soon as possible. "

This could have been a VERY bad situation. Luckily, Symantec was able to update thier software via thier subscription service, but just imagine the trouble and headache that would occur if thier auto-update wasn't possible for this fix...