Themes/Customizations for Windows Devices

April 02, 2005


Ok so I got tired of the look and feel of my boxen. Since the only computers that I access the GUI are of the Microsoft variety (I only use command-line on my linux servers), I've did a little research and decided to post the results: - massive amount of customizations, great layouts, customizations for anything that can be customized.
Get Skinned - msstyles, wallpapers, bootscreens although not very organized.. - good collection for XP; cursors, boot screens, icons, logons, wallpapers, media player, etc. - a good number of supported programs with a decent number of skins, includes some yahoo! messenger 6 skins, - a few categories, but a good number of files.
Toebee -fairly in-depth guide to making Yahoo Messenger 6 skins, also has a nice little collection of skins he has made.
Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher - needed to apply msstyles. - The site I use to get all of my Pocket PC themes, has a TON of files.

If anyone has any more sites they'd like to mention (and there are a ton of them out there), please drop me a comment (or email). Please, no adult-oriented stuff.


Anonymous said... - has a ton of stuff

ToeBee said...

Just wanted to say thanks for adding a link to my site :)