Pa1mOne Treo 650

May 16, 2005


Although I don't own a Treo 650, I have been called upon to support these devices. Here are a few resources that I found helpful.

palmOne - Support - Treo 650 - The official support site.

palmOne - FREE Newsletters - keep up-to-date on updates.

Treo650Faq: The Treo 650 Knowledge Base. - tons upon tons of info.

palmOne - Community - Tips for Treo 650 Smartphone - A large list of tips.

Some notes I found interesting:

Access error log after crash:
Press the Phone button.
Using the on-screen dialpad or the number keys enter #*377 (#*ERR on the dialpad for error) and choose Dial.

Google It With Your Treo
A new service from Google enables you to ask questions, retrieve definitions, and much more. Using the Treo messaging program, enter a phrase, for example define pandering, and send it as a text message to 46645. Usually within a minute Google will respond with the definition. Other phrases you can use include pizza followed by a Zip Code to find the names and address of local pizza joints.