Black Tuesday Fun - No Patches But Some Concern

September 15, 2005


Security Bulletin Search: "Microsoft has no new security bulletins to release as part of the monthly release cycle for the month of September 2005."

Microsoft blames time constraints for pulled patch - "Microsoft has explained why it decided not to issue the latest instalment of monthly security updates, maintaining that it needed more time to test the patches.

'The update release process involves a significant testing focus if customers are to get high quality updates,' explained Tracey Pretorius, Microsoft's PR manager. 'It was a quality issue. We wanted to do some additional testing.'"

Microsoft's delay to patch fuels concerns: "The concerns come after Microsoft announced last Thursday that a critical fix for the Windows operating system would be distributed in the following week. The next day, the software giant pulled the planned patch due to quality issues, according to Mike Reavey, operations manager for the Microsoft Security Research Center."