Microsoft Delays IE's Active X D-Day

March 29, 2006


Microsoft Delays IE's Active X D-Day: "Microsoft is moving full steam ahead with a plan to permanently modify the way Internet Explorer renders multimedia content on Web pages, but in what amounts to an admission that the changes could be disruptive, the software maker plans to give Web developers an extra 60 days to continue making preparations.

The IE update, which results from a multimillion-dollar patent spat with Eolas Technologies, changes the way the browser handles ActiveX controls and could have a significant impact on how online advertising and streaming media content is delivered over the Internet."

Nice. MS is having some issues of late with patent disputes. Not too long ago I received a letter saying that due to a patent dispute, all Office 2003 users need to upgrade to Service Pack 2. Now they're forcing a major change in IE. My suggestion to Microsoft: Think about forcing a major change in your legal department.