Information Tools - Part 1: Magazines

July 12, 2006


Part of being a SysAdmin is collecting information and staying on top of the change curve. Our industry is in constant change; things you learned a year ago can be obsolete now, and new products are introduced every day. Many issues affect the way things are done, and new concepts change the landscape of IT.

How do you stay on top of these changes? Stay informed. With the shear volume of information out there, it's not an easy task. Magazines, RSS feeds, Email lists are just some of the ways to stay informed.

This post focuses on Magazines. These are the ones I get:

Free (as in no money) Magazines

Network World



Computer World

Information Week


Information Security

SC Magazine

Network Computing


Continuity Insights

Most of the free magazines can be found at . They link to the subscription page for quick application.

Cost Magazines


Windows IT Pro