Retina MS06-040 NetApi32 Scanner

August 10, 2006


eEye Digital Security Retina MS06-040 NetApi32 Scanner: "The Retina MS06-040 NetApi32 Scanner is being made available free of charge by eEye. The tool will scan multiple addresses at once to determine if any are vulnerable to the Server Service flaw reported in the Microsoft Bulletin MS06-040. If an IP address is found to be vulnerable, the Retina MS06-040 NetApi32 Scanner will flag that IP address.

This tool does not require administrative privileges on the scanned machines in order to determine if the systems are vulnerable."

Much props to Marc Maiffret, the Chief Hacking Officer at eEye Digital Security. I applaud his company's community involvement.. It's nice to see a company ask the community if they have a need for a product and then go out of their way to deliver, free of charge.