VMWare Virtual Center and SQL 2005 Native Driver, Part 2

March 30, 2009


A quick follow up on a post I did last December, VMWare Virtual Center and SQL 2005 Native Driver. When upgrading your VMWare Virtual Center (vCenter, whatever), it will require you to use the SQL Server Native Client 10.0 in your ODBC when using an external 2005 SQL server.

If you remember, we installed the SQL Server Native Client 10.0 during installation as asked, but couldn't get the service to run after install. To fix the issue, we had to delete the DSN and create a new one using the standard SQL Server driver with the same settings.

Before doing the upgrade, delete your current DSNs and create new ones using the Native Client 10.0 with the same exact settings. Run the upgrade, let it do its thing, then it'll fail when attempting to upgrade the Converter and Update Manager (because at this point the VirtualCenter Server service can't start with the Native 10.0 driver). That's ok, just delete the OBDC connections and recreate them using the "SQL Server" driver. Then go into the Services MMC (Start - Run - services.msc) and start the VMWare VirtualCenter Server service. Give it a few minutes to figure itself out (Virtual Center will reconfigure HA, etc). Then run the upgrade again, this time only selecting Converter and Update Manager to upgrade.


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