Microsoft releases antispyware, malware-removal tools

January 10, 2005


Microsoft releases antispyware, malware-removal tools - Computerworld: "JANUARY 06, 2005 (COMPUTERWORLD) - Microsoft Corp.'s introduction today of two free security tools designed to help users get rid of spyware and other malicious code is a long-overdue move from a company whose software is the biggest target of attacks on the Internet, users and analysts said."

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) Home - MS Official Beta page - Where unprofessional journalism looks better - Exclusive: Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta Due 6th January - Comments and screenshots from Neowin.

I'm not sure what to think about MS entering yet another market. It's perfectly normal to feel a little unsure and worried about another product integrating itself into my OS, but they did a fairly decent job with Service Pack 2's (for XP) firewall. Also, who better to indentify unwanted changes in the OS than the people who built the OS? We'll see. They would do really well to make sure that it can be easily managed in the Corporate environment. Since I'm far too busy to play with this new addition right now, if anyone has any comments about MS AntiSpyware, please let me know.