RSS Popper

January 12, 2005


RSS Popper - RSS aggregator for Outlook - "RSS Popper is an RSS/ATOM/RDF news aggregator that delivers news to Outlook. It allows the leveraging of Outlook powerful functionality for reading news feeds."

I've been using Beaver RSS reader for quite a while now, but it does have a few shortcomings (although it is still a great program). Some of those shortcomings include: lack of atom support (this blog uses atom as well as gmail), the inability to delete feeds (which, after a while, causes the program to slow down), occasional .net errors, and the lack of authenticated feeds.

What I do like about RSS Popper is the fact it is free, ties into Outlook, atom feeds, support for feed authentication, the ability to delete messages, and the ability to forward messages (like an email). So far I'm fairly pleased.

If anyone has any other FREE RSS readers that are worth a look, please let me know.

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