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March 15, 2005


The BlogCast Repository - A Microsoft Community Resource: "THE CENTRAL VAULT FOR FREE TECHNICAL VIDEOS"

This is a great resource.. seems small right now, but it looks like it will grow (it's also really new). User-created videos that walk you through issues really help. I might even consider creating my own Blogcasts (even gives me the idea of doing some for custom in-house setups!).

They even have a RSS feed:

Also take a look at the "How to Create a Blogcast" link. It is extremely easy! You can create your own video to accompany your documentation or training materials. Really nice. I'm going to be focusing some time/energy on this in the near future.


Brian Tucker said...


Happy you like the web site! If you decide to do a blogcast, just UPLOAD it to the site. The site just went live yesterday afternoon. Keep comming back and we will have more content. The site is going to explode!

Brian Tucker

The Blogcast Repository