Maxthon browser produces a better IE

March 09, 2005


Maxthon browser produces a better IE: "Today, I have a new entrant into the group that builds on the underlying code of Internet Explorer. The product is from MySoft Technology (see editorial links below) and is called Maxthon. "

"Maxthon uses very few resources, resulting in an average of 65% less RAM usage compared to IE when having the same large number of pages open."

"Maxthon uses a tabbed browsing interface and supports mouse gestures, super drag and drop (which allows any URL to be highlighted in a browser window and dragged to any tab) and privacy protection (automatic end of session flushing of history, cookies, and cache). It also includes AD Hunter (Maxthon's popup blocker), full support for the Google toolbar, a very useful "External Utility Bar" that can be used to launch selected application from the browser, and skinning. "

This looks very interesting.. I'll look into it at home.