Get Home Earlier With Windows Vista

August 04, 2005


Get Home Earlier With Windows Vista: "Windows Vista offers systems engineers, deployment engineers, and support center operators a possibility of life outside of work"

I'll have to admit that I haven't been very excited (at all) about the new Windows Vista (Longhorn). With the loss of WinFS and other features, plus the far away shipping date, I've just ignored all of the hype and looked at this as just MS selling another Service Pack as an OS. Well, this article helps get me a bit more excited by outlining what Vista will do for me, the SysAdmin. Features I'm looking forward to: registry and file virtualization, better Group Policy (configure just about everything), monad, imaging (better, easier to update), customized help fuctions, better error reporting, more in-depth error messages, hardware monitoring, and hopefully much more as I learn more about this new OS. Of course, I'm taking a wait and see approach to whether or not this stuff lives up to the promises, but if it does, I'll be happy with it.

Here's Microsoft's Resources for IT Professionals website.