Nematodes: The Making of 'Beneficial' Network Worms

October 07, 2005


{EWeek} Nematodes: The Making of 'Beneficial' Network Worms: "Convinced that businesses will use nonmalicious worms to cut down on network security costs, a high-profile security researcher is pushing ahead with a new framework for creating a 'controlled worm' that can be used for beneficial purposes.

Dave Aitel, vulnerability researcher at New York-based Immunity Inc., unveiled a research-level demo of the "Nematode" framework at the Hack In The Box confab in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, insisting that good worms will become an important part of an organization's security strategy."

Something like this is nothing new, but it's still a great idea. Anyone remember the Welchia worm in 2003 that removed the Blaster virus and then installed the MS03-026 patch? I would like to follow Aitel's progress in this area; this kind of tech shows promise.