SysAdmin Podcasts

February 16, 2008


Well, running out of the few Admin podcasts I have, I went on a search for more. Since I've already done the research, I'll share my findings:

A Couple of Admins: These guys are two (or three usually) guys who work in the Admin field. I've listened to quite a few of their shows and always finding myself coming back for more. There's more non-related banter than I would like, but it flows well and the focused content makes up for it. They also seem to do a good job at researching their topics, for example, episode 13 Code Of Ethics roundtable was excellent. Put this show on your podcast playlist.

In the Trenches: It is unfortunate when you come across something awesome only to find out that it's now over. Well, In the Trenches (ITT), was one of those something awesomes. Luckily you can still download and listen to the older podcasts, which is something completely awesome.

DABCC Radio: Virtualization Podcasts: This podcast is completely devoted to virtualization technologies, such as server virtualization, application virtualization, Citrix, VMWare, VDI, application deployment, and more. All the episodes I've listened to seem to follow an interview-type format and is very professional and well done.

Microsoft TechNet Podcast: This one looks extremely promising and as a Windows-focused SysAdmin, I'm really excited about this podcast. Lots of focused technical topics discussing specific Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft TechNet Raido: Don't know much about this one (found it while searching for TechNet Podcast website), looks interesting though.

The Microsoft IT Manager Podcast: I haven't listened to this yet, but some of the episode descriptions seem very promising.

Realtime Community: Windows Server: I haven't had a chance to listen to this podcast yet, but I'm excited by the show descriptions.

Realtime Community: IT Compliance: IT Compliance is usually better understood heard rather than read. Just subscribed today so I don't have much feedback on them yet.

Run Your Own Server: I JUST subscribed to their podcast, but all the topics seem very much Sysadmin oriented. Also it seems that the majority of topics seem to lean towards a focus on Linux. Reading some of the show notes this seems to be a very good podcast.

Windows IT Pro Radio: I just found out about this podcast, but Windows IT Pro magazine is top notch, so their podcast probably will be too.