SysAdmin Related Podcasts, Part 2

February 29, 2008


A couple new shows, and a couple updates on the shows I mentioned before but I hadn't really listened to all that much.

New: Casting from the Server Room: I think this is one of my new favorite shows. It's a group of guys, all admins for school systems, just chatting tech. They put a heavy focus on the deeper Sysadmin stuff, discussing things like SANs, backups (or lack thereof), servers, file shares, Active Directory, etc. It's very informal yet it flows and stays on track very well. I really enjoy this show and highly recommend it.

New: IT idiots: These guys do a video podcast where they discuss a focused topic (like for example, Windows 2008 Terminal Server or Active Directory Administration) and include screencasts of the product in action. I've only watched a couple of these episodes, but what I've seen is very informative (especially if you don't have the product at your testing disposal) and I look forward to watching the bulk of these episodes.

New: PaulDotCom Security Weekly: I had only downloaded one of their shows, but I found myself downloading more the first chance I got. Haven't gotten a chance to listen to more, but it's definitely going to be something that I do soon (as long as the rest of the shows are on the level as the one I listened to).

New: The SysAdminShow: These guys actually product (so it seems) an actual radio show on on 98.9 FM Radio Free Nashville called the SysAdmin Show. I listened to one show and turned it off half way through. To be fair, they were doing a live show at a local conference and were more focused on that than on any tech. I also hate live remote shows. I'll give them a chance and will listen to a couple other episodes before dismissing them. You can download the episodes via iTunes (where I'm getting ALL of these episodes).

Update: Microsoft TechNet Podcast: The couple I listened to were pretty informative, but very bland. It seems that the presenters are actually reading Microsoft whitepapers word for word, you even hear the paper shuffling and everything. The two episodes I heard were just about as boring as actually reading a MS whitepaper (or any whitepaper for that matter). I'll still listen for the information content.

Update: Realtime Community: Windows Server: I listened to three or four of these episodes. It seems the format focuses more on interviews with product/solution vendors discussing how their products can help. I feel sorta dirty listening to it due to the fact that I can't stand anything more than to listen to another vendor hawk their wares, but it is a good way to learn about some new products without having to cough up information or have to shake a vendor's salesman off your back.

Update: Realtime Community: IT Compliance: Discussion of legal topics bore me to death. Actually, I can use recorded legal talks as a sleep aid, but the couple episodes I listened to were extremely informative. I actually forwarded this one on to my boss, just as a "hey did you know half of this stuff??" type of thing. I really suggest that everyone listens to at least the Demystifying Privacy Laws: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business episode.

Update: Run Your Own Server: First, I just wanted to point out that this podcast seems to have gone stale, last episode was Nov 07. Doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to the already recorded shows. I listened to quite a few and most are well done and pretty good. Some of the discussion seems pretty basic, maybe focused more on the beginner side of things, but there were a few good tidbits to be had. Also, Episode 16, One Admin, One Server, well, listen to it and let me know if you agree with me that the speaker is just plain nuts.


Rebecca Herold said...

Seth, I'm happy to hear you liked my podcasts; thanks! :)

Rebecca (Realtime-itcompliance)

Seth C. said...

Well Rebecca thanks for producing an awesome show. :)

Anonymous said...

I am nuts, and yes my 1 admin 1 server rant was nuts, even more nuts than usual- but the core of it is sound. The ryos podcast is returning soon, we're about to head back into the studio; I will clear my name and support your claim at the same time. :)