Miranda Instant Messenger

March 15, 2004


Miranda Instant Messenger - Miranda IM is a nice little multi-protocol instant messenging client that supports AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, netsend, IRC, etc,etc. The client is extremely customizable and uses plug-ins for most of its functionality. If you use more that one IM client or need to be able to customize your apps, take a look at Miranda.

There are many reasons to use Miranda IM.
Here are a few:
~ It's smaller, starts and runs faster, uses less memory
~ It contains no advertising or spyware
~ It takes up less space on your screen
~ It has support for plugins to extend the functionality
~ It supports more IM protocols than other clients
~ It requires no installation, so it can be easily moved from computer to computer
~ It is highly customisable
~ It is open source (GPL). Only open source software can be truely free and completely trustworthy with your privacy.