Windows Update Services - The New SUS

March 17, 2004


Windows Update Services - Read about the new and improved SUS.

Windows Update Services (WUS) is the new name for the next version of the update management solution currently known as Software Update Services (SUS). Windows Update Services will support updating Windows®, Office, SQL Server™, and other Microsoft products and will provide significantly expanded capabilities over SUS.

After reading the WUS data sheet I've found quite a few additions to the original SUS that I've been looking for in 3rd-party patch management tools:

1. Updates all MS products, as well as critical driver updates, non-critical updates, etc.
2. Ability to scan systems for missing patches.
3. Ability to uninstall updates, including group uninstall.
4. Target systems for update deployment.
5. Network optimization - BITS, MSI, download resumption, optimization for branch offices.
6. Status reports allow admins to easily determine update deployment status (success, failure, error, etc)
7. Allows extensive logging to SQL database.
8. Client software will auto-update itself if necessary.
9. Can be deployed in a hierachial topology (parent/child servers).
10. Encrypts communications between WUS and the Microsoft Udate download servers as well as server-server and server-client communications.
11. Uses digital signatures to verify updates are from Microsoft.
12. Easier Admin interface - new design.
13. Group policy client configuration.
14. Ability to specify which updates get deployed on specifically targeted machines.
15. Allows for command-line and script-based control.

I'm hoping to get to play with this sometime soon (hurry and release a beta Microsoft!!). WUS looks like it could kill the 3rd party solutions I was testing and all this for FREE!! It looks like it has the best features from several 3rd party products I've seen - just hope it works as well as it looks. Fuck SUS, go WUS!