Free iPods

September 04, 2004


Click here to help me and to start your way to your own free iPod.

Ok, here's the deal. is giving away iPods, including the new Apple 20 GB iPod for free, sort of. The way it works is simple. You sign up. You are now presented with a list of "trial offers". Currently, all of these trials require a credit card number. Pick a trial, give them your CC#, go through the trial for a short amount of time, then cancel (or keep the service if you want). Nothing shows up on your credit card. Next, you have to get 5 friends to sign up and participate in a trial. If they sign up with your referral code, you get a credit once it is verified that they did a trial. After you have completed this, you get a free iPod shipped to your house.

I did my research on this. I have not found a single complaint on any newsgroup, mailing list, website, forum, etc that had any merit. Sure, it's easy to blow this off as paranoia, but the economics of this make sense. Check out Jay Bees' analysis of the economics driving this offer. It makes perfect business sense. The parent company, Gratis Internet, has been registered with the BBB over the past several years with no pending complaints. I've only heard positive experiences with this program.

Here's my deal: Everyone knows that I will NEVER be able to afford an iPod. Everyone also knows that I WANT an iPod. If you're interested in getting a free iPod, what does it hurt to help me out? Click here to help me and to get started on your free iPod.

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