The GUI Gallery

September 17, 2004


The GUI Gallery: "On these pages you will find many screen shots of various desktop computer Graphical User Interfaces and operating systems. Many different people have had different ideas of how a GUI should work and these screen shots show many of the more popular ones. "

This site is pretty awesome. I spent quite some time reminencing over pictures of old operating systems I've played with over the years: GEOS, Windows 3.0, OS/2 Warp (which I still have a copy of), etc. The screenshots of Microsoft BOB were amusing. I found a copy of BOB at a thrift store the other day, but I couldn't justify the $2 asking price for it (and it was half-off everything day).


Anonymous said...

I want to buy Microsoft Bob. Where did you see it for $2?

Seth C. said...

I believe the thrift store in question is in Arlington, TX off Pioneer Parkway and Cooper. I don't remember the name of it though. If you do get a copy of it, let me know how the installation went.