RIAA forced technology weed to choke it

September 03, 2004


RIAA forced technology weed to choke it - "See the problem? The network providers will tell you in very colourful language exactly where to shove it, no doubt there. Even if they didn't, what would they implement it on again? They hold none of the databases, you and I do. If they manage to coerce Kazaa into forcing the filters onto your machine somehow, there are a dozen other networks out there. If they get them all, a lot of the code is open source, I'd give it 30 minutes before a dozen new networks spring up.

In the old days, there was one provider, and one repository, one throat to strangle. It was manageable technically if it came down to a technical solution. Instead of allowing that technical solution to blossom, they went the legal route, and lost. In the intervening years, the tech went around them, and they sat still, and possibly regressed.

The problem with forced evolution is that it tends to work. The RIAA made the networks evolve technically, from a relatively incocous MP3 network to the file sharing network from hell. There is nothing you can't get anymore, and there is no one to stop it. If they came up with a tool, unlikely as that may be, there is no place to implement it."

- Well written article outlining how the RIAA and MPAA have shot themselves in the foot and why. BTW, I shit on the RIAA. I may not share files, but I'm not purchasing any more music from those assholes. I'll purchase used from stores, garage sales, or pawn shops rather than let my money see RIAA's pockets. They've lost a customer for life.