Sasser Netsky virus coder lands job with security firm

September 20, 2004


Hack In The Box - Sasser Netsky virus coder lands job with security firm - "A German teenager accused of creating the Sasser worm that infected millions of computers around the world is being taught to become a security software programmer, the company that hired him said on Friday. Eighteen-year-old Sven Jaschan has been taken on by the Securepoint computer firm based in Lueneburg, northern Germany and is being trained to make firewalls, which stop suspect files from entering computer systems."

This sets a horrible precident.. Write a virus, get rewarded with a job. What was this firm thinking? We'll see more and more people writing viruses in hopes of employment. I can see hiring ex-hackers, who have a large understanding of security and ways around security, but at least a hacker chooses his target and only affects his target. A virus writer creates a little program and then lets it free to infect whatever it can, causing enormous losses for those companies and individuals involved. {True} hackers also follow a certain code of ethics; although thier actions may not be legal, at least they attempt to show some respect for the victim by not violating certain rules. To me, virus writers have no respect for the (internet) community that they are a part of.