Will Microsoft sue OpenOffice users?

September 17, 2004


arstechnica: Will Microsoft sue OpenOffice users?: "According to a provision in the landmark Sun-Microsoft settlement, Microsoft can sue OpenOffice.org (as the application suite is now known) users and developers over copies of OpenOffice.org installed after April 1, 2004. The agreement between Sun and Microsoft was made public as part of Sun's SEC filings earlier this week. While OpenOffice.org users would be fair game, users of Sun's StarOffice suite upon which OpenOffice.org is based are specifically protected from legal action by Microsoft."

Lets ruin everything that is free. The article talks about how hard it will be for them to sue users (since they are considered monopolists) but this can sure stifle the future growth of the product. Poor home users and small companies will just have to find (yet) another alternative to the {great} Microsoft Office.